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AZQP Awards

Certificates are awarded to all entrants. Print your own customized certificate!

Plaques are awarded to all AZ & Non-AZ entry category winners, the top Canadian station, the top DX station, and the top AZ & Non-AZ Clubs. A minimum of 20 QSOs is required to qualify for a sponsored award plaque. Clubs must submit at least 3 entries to qualify for a plaque.


The AZQP Special Event Certificate is awarded for working the AZQP Bonus Station.

The ARRL-AZ QSL is awarded for working the ARRL Arizona Section Manager, W7RAP.

The K7UGA Special Event Certificate is awarded for working K7UGA during the 2021 AZQP. 

The AZ-Worked All Counties award manager of the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club will accept your AZQP Cabrillo file with its log checking report as verification of QSOs for the AZ-WAC award.

The New Contester Arizona Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly         award will be presented to the top AZ new contester and to the top Non-AZ new contester. The New Contester award is open to any station that submits an AZQP log indicating at least 10 QSOs. The station / operator must attest they have never previously submitted a log with more than 10 QSOs to any contest.

New Contester Award

Sponsorships available!

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