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2022 Photos

Expedition Single-Op Single-county #1

Coconino County

Guest operator 11-year-old Evan works the pileups while dad K7VZ handles the logging.

N7T  /  Expedition Multi-Op Single-county #1
(N7NWL   K7VZ   Guest Operator: Evan)

Gila County

KT7RC  /  Tortolita Radio Club  /  Expedition Multi-Op Single-county #2

Cochise County
Photos by Chris Seger KI7DET

This year's AZ QSO Party was fun, but I was restricted by having my Force 12 yagi antenna down due to rotor problems. So, you have to do what you have to do to enter the contest and I used this antenna, as shown, attached to my tower but tilted over, resting on the ground. The good news was it was pointed up, so it was kind of a cloud warmer, but it worked!! Just thought you might like to see how I worked all 10/15/20M QSOs during the 2022 AZ QSO Party. I wasn't about to let that stop me from such a great contest!

73, Bob Wertz, NF7E

ARCA 2022 Ham of the Year

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